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 On-Line Course

This course was made possible through grant funding received by Lucy Corr Foundation
from the Virginia Center on Aging’s Geriatric Training and Education Initiative.


A possible dental coverage option mentioned by Mr. Harvey in his presentation for this on-line course  is now a reality for older adults who are eligible and apply.

Virginia Commonwealth Coordinated Care  1-855-889-5243

One of the potential benefits of The Virginia Commonwealth Coordinated Care Program (CCC) is coverage of additional benefits beyond the typical Medicare and Medicaid covered services.  CLICK HERE for more information.

1. Anthem HealthKeepers offers dental benefits, including exams, cleanings and X-rays

2. Humana offers annual dental evaluation and cleaning.

 An individual (mostly older adults) can only apply for one of these new coverage options/programs that provide dental benefits if they are dual eligible, meaning they are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.



            The purpose of this on-line course is to provide lecture based training to social workers, nursing home administrators, administrative staff members, financial officers and oral health care professionals who assist with patient care in long term care (LTC) facilities. An interdisciplinary educational approach will be utilized to 1) increase knowledge related to the importance of maintaining oral health of LTC residents, 2) improve the understanding of and encourage the use of DMAS 225 to assist with coverage of dental care services provided to LTC residents, 3) improve and increase the provision of dental care treatment to residents of LTC facilities. No prior skill level or experience required by attendees.



At the conclusion of this course the successful learner should be able to:
 1. Describe the importance of good oral/dental health.

2. Communicate a basic understanding of characteristics of oral-systemic interactions as associated with aging and common among older adults.

3. Translate how poor oral/dental health can trigger episodes in cognitively challenged individuals.

4. Demonstrate a basic understanding of oral health care issues of LTC residents and accessing dental care.

5. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the patient pay adjustment process and how to request an adjustment to the patient pay
for incurred dental expenses of LTC residents on Medicaid.

6. Provide and utilize the documentation needed to request an adjustment to patient pay for dental care services provided to LTC residents on Medicaid.


1. Register for course using online registration.

2. Following registration, participants will receive an email with a link to an on-line course pre-test.

3. Upon submitting the pre-test, participants will be linked to GTE  Demographic Survey.

4. Upon submitting the GTE Demographic Survey, participants will be directed to the on-line course video presentation and course handouts.

4. After watching the CE Course presentation, participants must take the CE Post Test and Complete the Course Evaluation

5. Upon submitting the Course Evaluation, participants will have access to downloadable Course Certificate of Completion.



 Click here for accreditation information.




It is the policy of the Lucy Corr Foundation to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all sponsored or jointly sponsored educational activities. All individuals who are in a position to control the content of the educational activity (course/activity directors, planning committee members, staff, teachers, or authors of CE) must disclose all relevant financial relationships they have with any commercial interest(s) as well as the nature of the relationship. Financial relationships of the individual’s spouse or partner must also be disclosed, if the nature of the relationship could influence the objectivity of the individual in a position to control the content of the CE. Individuals who refuse to disclose will be disqualified from participation in the development, management, presentation, or evaluation of the CE activity.  Each presenter, planner and panel member has completed and signed a disclosure form.

 The following persons have no proprietary, financial or other personal interest of any nature or kind in any product, service and/or company that will be discussed or considered during the program/presentation.

Dr. Patricia Bonwell, Course Instructor

Hobart M. Harvey, Course Instructor

Cindy Olson, Course Instructor